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Lost Panorama is a historical research-based organization that provides Heritage Walk, Brand History, and Research Consultancy for tourists and organizations. We also organize workshops for children and adults that teach specific skills that are not otherwise available, and that makes them aware and responsible stakeholders for sustainable maintenance of our collective urban heritage in a time of rapid urban expansion. There is a worldwide need to preserve and conserve heritage sites. Globalization and industrialization are forcing communities to reevaluate the way they interact with their pasts. Lost Panorama recognizes importance of raise heritage awareness and value of ethical focus. Carrying out original and accessible research is key to our approach.
  • We aim to raise heritage awareness, our research-oriented walking tours for locals and tourists to enable them to experience historical cities in a new way and connect with diverse local communities. If you are living in Bangladesh or visiting Bangladesh for the first time, The Lost Panorama tour is the must tour to take for knowing the heritage, culture, and life of the historical city from our Heritage Walk Bengal walking tour.
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    Rediscover the many faces of an old city from our research-oriented walking tour. Select our walk and the occasional visit from our website and social media pages. We are active and announced details through our Facebook page, Instagram Page, Twitter, Trip Advisor, and from our mailing list.

    Brand History

    We provide specialist archive research and media services to the organization, heritage professionals, national institutions, publishers, magazine editors, authors, businesses, and individuals. We deliver through our experienced team from home and abroad in providing the best possible service to clients with large projects and tight deadlines.

    Tracing Legacies

    We trace the history of family members who lived in Bangladesh in the past, our team of researches can provide support by undertaking specific research on archival sources and locating places that are related to your family members' activities in Bangladesh


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    Lost Panorama

    • 7th CE


      The history of Dhaka begins with the existence of urbanized settlements in the area that is now Dhaka dating from the 7th century CE. The name Dhaka is believed to have originated from Dhakeshwari in the same way as Athens got its name from Athena, the patron goddess of the Greek city.

    • 1500 - 1600

      Kamarupa kingdom - Sena kingdom -Sultanate Period

      In Bengal region, the Portuguese made the principal trading centre in Hooghly, India. They also made small settlements in Dhaka in about 1580. After the Sen Dynasty came to an end with Ballal Sen’s son Laxman Sen being defeated by Ikhtiar Uddin Mohammed bin Bakhtiar Khilzi, Dhaka was successively ruled by the Turkish and Afghan rulers under the Delhi Sultanate before the Mughals arrived in 1608.

    • 1600-1800

      Mugughal Rule and rise of the capital of Bengal

      The city, founded by the Mughals in the 17th century, was the economic capital of the Mughal Empire. The Armenians settled in Dhaka in the early 18th century. They established trade ties in jute and leather with Mughals and Nawabs.

    • 1800-1947

      British Rule and Rise

      Mr. William Hedges was appointed the first head of British East India Company. He arrived Dhaka on 25 October 1681. Under the British rule, the city later saw many modern educational institutions, public works and townships being developed, giving rise to urban growth and a rise in population in the late 19th and early 20th century, paving its path to emerge as the metropolis that it has become today.

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    Behind The Lost Panorama

    Steven C. Dinero, Ph.D.

    Cultural Heritage Consultant, USA

    Dr. Steven Dinero was a Professor in Philadelphia, U.S.A., for over 20 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Third World Development from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Dr. Dinero is the author of over 30 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and three monographs. His main areas of interest and expertise center upon the study of social and cultural change and development in post-nomadic communities, indigenous peoples and informal settlements, primary in South Asia, the Middle East and the Arctic. Much of his work is devoted to the analysis of changing gender roles, identity, religion, education, environment, social media, tourism, popular culture and similar issues.

    Suman Roy

    Founder & Chief Innovation Leader

    Holding a Master's degree in Development Studies, Roy has developed a specialization in social and economic & political and cultural change. Roy has got over more than 14 years of working experience with organizations like GREY and Starcom (Publicis Groupe). Roy also worked in Telecom, FM Radio and Business Daily, as a Journalist, Creative Producer, Strategic Planner and Business Development & Branding in India and Bangladesh. His main areas of interest and passion to study and research on history and cultural heritage. His recent work on Armenian history and culture, deploy a new light of Armenian history of Dhaka, Bangladesh..

    Antony Loomans

    Strategic Adviser

    Holding a masters degree in project management Antony has developed a specialisation in change, governance, capability development, and benefit delivery programs over more than 16 years. He has worked with organisations like 2UE, Deloitte, Fairfax, Virgin Australia, and the University of Technology Sydney. Antony’s marketing expertise developed from delivering change initiatives and for the last 20 years has worked concurrently as an advisor, analyst, consultant, researcher, and project manager to government agencies, NGO’s and in the private sector in Australia and Asia.

    Wolf Böwig

    Cultural Heritage Consultant, Germany

    Wolf Böwig was born in Hannover, Germany in 1964. He studied Mathematics and Philosophy in Berlin. He’s worked as a photojournalist since 1988, focusing on long-term documentary projects and covering numerous wars and conflicts all over the world. His work has been published by du, Weltwoche, Facts, NZZ, FAZ, Le Monde, Liberation, Internationale, El Pais, The Independent, The Guardian, Stern, taz, Le Monde Diplomatique, New York Times, Lettre International, mare, Visao, private, Publica, LFI, Expresso.

    Lopa Roy

    Artistic Director

    Holding a Master's degree in Home Management, Lopa Roy has developed a specialization in organizational and cultural departments. Lopa Roy has got over more than 12 years of working experience with organizations like Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts and Dhaka City Corporation.

    If you are living in Bangladesh or visiting Bangladesh for the first time, The Lost Panorama tour is the must tour to take for knowing the heritage, culture, and life of the city.

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